Roots to Wellness 21-Day Challenge


  It's the (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) ✨Roots to Wellness 21-Day Healthy Mindset Coaching Program.✨ I have been there. Start. Lose. Gain. Stop. Repeat💫 Then, there's the daily food chat that I "used to" entertain. Friend: What are you eating? Me: Fries Friend: Oh! Cheating today? Me (in head): Uh... no. I like fries. THIS IS […]


Hiking for Hope

Event by Roots to Wellness by AQ Health and Wellness Forbidden Drive Trl, Philadelphia, PA 19129, United States Tickets Even in the roughest of times for health coaches, Trina Lyons of Mastah Tee Dance and Fitness and Elethia Gay of Alexander Q have found a way of giving back, creating community and healing survivors of […]