Gym Social Stress Has You Tuning Out

“I hope no one is in class judging me?”

“Will people say something about my workout gear?”

“Why does that group seem to talk about me after class?”

When the gym generates these thoughts, social stress may be a factor.

When the gym generate these thoughts, social stress may be a factor.

We find the characteristics of social stress in fitness resemble many of those from high school. The fear of humiliation, bullying, missing out, etc.

I also learned that the past, situations in one’s personal or work life, or the incident itself can all be triggers for social stress at the gym.

For instance, I go to my favorite class to decompress. I enter the studio, and three women immediately whisper to each other. I don’t know what they are talking about, but now I can’t enjoy my class. The whole time I’m wondering if they are whispering about me!

If this hits home, consider whether that spin bike or aqua class is generating peace or causing stress.

Instead of avoiding the gym, shift and refocus.

Would having a conversation with them, counseling, switching routines, getting rest, or speaking to management at the facility help?

Make sure the experience aligns with your goal.

I have found social interactions like team workouts, group challenges, and a workout buddy facilitate the ability to focus, reduce stress, and stay consistent.

The root of your wellness is unique to you. That’s where we find healing. So, find what works for you.

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