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Tired of fad diets and extreme measures to lose weight? Totally over feeling out of body in your own body?

Get the accountability and coaching you need to succeed. 

Join our Roots to Wellness small group training program with classes, one personal session, coaching, meditation, and nutrition. 

NO mats. NO masks. Show up and transform!

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you are the expert in your wellness

We have been where you are and understand that only you can control the outcome of your health and wellness. You want to go where your workout is custom fit and our team at Alexander Q is dedicated to ensuring just that.

Get into the best shape of your life by doing a little each day. Don’t have an hour? How about 15-minutes. Create the ideal schedule for your wellness goals. with our in-person and virtual health and wellness options.

Strengthen the core of your organization with Critical Customer Care, Conflict Resolution, and Peer-to-Peer Coaching with Alexander Q’s elite corporate services tailored to meet the needs of your growing organization.

Unlock the power of mindfulness and accountability with coaching that removes barriers and puts you in the driver seat. Experience a life-changing breakthrough and higher performance in your career, family and health.

With Alexander Q,

Reset, Restore and Rise From Your Roots.

Running on the treadmill, taking that walk or lifting those dumbbells is about more than physical health. It’s mental fitness. We are not just one thing. We are ambitious, strong, and dedicated.

who we are

Elethia Gay, Health + Wellness Coach

With over 20+ combined years of coaching experience in corporations, schools and one-on-one sessions, our mission is to create a mind-body shift that allows people to feel seen, heard and present.  Our method is simple: Get to the root of it. 

what we do

Our coaching programs are tailored to help our clients on their life journey of finding their fitness and true selves. We help them to understand that this journey is a not race.

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Ingredients make the meal. here’s our recipe.

Mind + Body + Soul

Live Classes Online and In-Person

Grow stronger in mind, body and soul with coaching that pushes you pass your zone of comfort.

Mindful Meditation Practices

Reduce stress, control anxiety and enhance self-awareness by enhancing your level of consciousness.

Fierce Coaches

We invite you in, inspire you to stay the course and help you unlock the secret to better health.

when the world seems askew, lean into your community

We welcome you to gain inspiration and get unstuck by joining one of our classes where we know that better health is more than a workout. It’s a mindset. With our mind-body method, we meet you where you are and GROW from there.

Roots to Wellness


Get rid of anger, fear, and doubt from not getting what you want out of life. One reason diets, exercising, and even relationships fail is that we have not identified what we want. We cannot give voice to what we want because it is so deeply rooted in the past. Because what we truly want is so deeply rooted in our past, we find it difficult to give voice to what we need to succeed. Your “Roots to Wellness Journal” is your place to decompress and heal and where your past meets your present. This method helped me heal my past by understanding my harmful outbursts and identifying what I needed to thrive. Are you ready to live life on your own emotional terms? Do you want the courage to show up? It starts when we give voice to feelings that arise from emotions triggered by the past. Next, we must identify our needs and courageously ask for help when needed. What sounds better? Saying to a personal trainer, “I want to lose weight.” Or “I want to more energy to run my first 5K.” “I want more energy so that I can play basketball with my grandkids.” Like the roots that transport water to nourish the rest of the tree, healing our roots empowers us to identify what we need to live a happy and fulfilled life. It’s time to live up to your highest and greatest good. Give voice to what you need. Know why you need it and have the courage to go for it. Reset, Restore, and Rise from Your Roots #FUNUW. Find you in your wellness. Elethia.

We’re not just coaches, we are you!

"Starting was a challenge. Yet, once I started, I refused to turn back."

Elethia Gay

Parents and Caregivers

As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of helping athletically driven moms transform the mind, body and soul to achieve a high performance lifestyle.

Seeking to Find Balance

When the world seems strange, we all strive to step into sanity and find the balance we need to navigate mentality, spiritually and physically in the world.

Helping Our Team Succeed

As entrepreneurs, we pride ourselves on creating a peaceful and purposeful environment for not only our clients, but for our staff and network as well and we recognize the importance of helping companies do the same.


What Our Clients Say

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SAD Black woman in winter

Tips for Moms: How to Manage Sadness in Winter

The colder months of the year can be challenging for those who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It can leave you feeling bleak and melancholic, but there’s hope. You have the power to manage and overcome your SAD symptoms. By engaging in outdoor activities, such as hiking and exercising, you can bring joy to your life and get much-needed fresh air. Furthermore, light therapy can help regulate your inner clock and alleviate the impact of SAD. By seeking professional support from a counselor or therapist who specializes in treating SAD, you can gain the guidance and tools you need to take control of your mental health. You can live joyfully with SAD and seek help from those around you. Remember, taking the first step towards feeling better can make all the difference. Let’s find ways to thrive in the colder months and embark on the journey towards brighter skies.

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Our coaching programs are tailored to help our clients on their life journey of finding their fitness and true selves. We help them to understand that this journey is a not race.

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