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Recently, I met an amazing nutritionist named Mike. When my friend first suggested that we speak via IG Live, I had no idea it would spark something inside. For the record, all of my guests have been nothing short of amazing. Unlike the heartwarming conversations we share in their virtual living room, Mike and I enjoyed a lively conversation while walking together in his virtual meadow.

At first, I thought, “Mike is going to share with us his experience with the healing power of nature through breath work and frequent walks.” Lo and behold, I was completely off track. Not only did Mike take us on a tour of the meadow, he introduced us to the world of foraging.

Foraging involves searching for food in the wild. Now, I know a lot of urban dwellers but some of my peeps are from the country. This ain’t nothing new to them! However, if you have been thinking, “Wow! This hike is making me hungry. I am about to eat one of these plants.” (Don’t we all?) Then, this is for you.

As Mike and I toured the meadow in Sweden, he shared that many of the edible greens are also available in the United States. After a few clicks, I learned Pennsylvania is home to a diverse range of edible wild plants and mushrooms. While my research primarily covers Pennsylvania, it is safe to eat from the forest as long as certain precautions are taken and environmental conditions allow it.

The First Step to Foraging, D.Y.O.R. (Do Your Own Research).

  • Beware. Some plants and mushrooms can be toxic and should be avoided unless you are absolutely certain about their identification.
  • Know The Lay Of The Land. Gather food from areas that are free from pollution and contaminants.
  • Consult An Expert. Learn from those who know their stuff, i.e. experienced foragers, workshops, or field guides.
  • Familiar Is First. Start with species that have easily recognizable features and gradually expand your knowledge and repertoire.
  • Generosity Matters. Always follow sustainable foraging practices and remember to leave enough for the ecosystem to thrive.

With knowledge in hand and precautions taken, strap on your backpack and go forage.

Oh, wait... before you lace up, there's more.

Yes, the forest in Pennsylvania can be a safe and delicious source of wild food. For an even better experience, forage with a plan. Know what items you’re looking for and how to identify them. Here’s a few to get you started.

The variety of edible wild greens in Pennsylvania are plentiful. The key is properly identifying these plants to ensure they are safe before consumption. Also, learn if there are regulations or restrictions in place for foraging in the area.

Where should you begin?

Consult a local expert or guidebook to ensure safe and enjoyable foraging. Finally, pack your supplies and head out to the forest.

Bon appetite!


Additional Resources

Mike Green, located in Sweden, Mike posts frequently about his foraging adventures and shares his personal recipes.

Black Forager. Have a laugh and learn a lot with Alexis. She drops crazy knowledge on how to grow and use wild greens in your daily life.

Are you ready to learn within a community or experience foraging live? Visit and search for the term: foraging.

Do you like teaching? Become a certified forager.



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