Planking Your Way to a Stronger and Healthier Body

Planking Your Way to a Stronger and Healthier Body

When the plank and I first met, I wasn’t too fond of it. You mean, stabilize this whole body on my arms and toes? Wait, this stabilization originates from my abs! It seemed as if it wasn’t going to work between us. I didn’t think I was ready for stability and plank needed my presence. As a new and busy mom, plank needed too much. How was this relationship possible in my human body? Then I met this AMAZING yoga instructor. She was patient and kind. She introduced me to the idea of owning my practice and the importance of mastering planks. 

Once I embraced this idea, I started with a few seconds of practice. I then began to add more time. Finally, I found the ideal place for the plank in my workout and had a chance to build its modifications into my practice. It took years, patience, and building a relationship with my body. Flirting with planks. Here’s why those of us 40+ need the plank in our lives. 

Plank exercises have long been recognized as an effective workout that you can easily practice at home or in fitness centers. The inclusion of plank exercises in your workout plan is crucial for multiple reasons. Primarily, plank exercises offer an excellent way to fortify your core muscles, which enhances overall fitness abilities and significantly reduces the chances of injury. Additionally, practicing plank exercises helps in improving posture, as poor posture can lead to various physical ailments, including back pain and headaches. A plank exercises include:

Plank jacks
Plank jacks
Plank with shoulder taps
Plank with shoulder taps

If you are curious about how frequently you should practice plank exercises, the answer is simple. Ideally, one should engage in plank exercises for 3-4 days a week, with a minimal duration of 30 seconds per set. One can gradually increase the practice time as they gain strength. Consistency is the key to achieving long-term results, making it highly recommended to include plank exercises in your warm-up routine or practice them at the end of your workout. Therefore, incorporating plank exercises in your workout routine goes a long way in achieving a healthier and stronger body.



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