Changing Lanes

I remember going through this big transition in my life. My next steps were unplanned. The only thing I had was my imagination, which was an elaborate image of the result that I wanted. I didn’t know how I would get there.

At that same time, I was a speaker. Certain events required five or more hours in the car. During each trip, one thing that stood out was the sign, “Stay in your lane.” Now, I am mature enough to know everything is not “A SIGN.” However, I believe in crumbs.

Crumbs are those messages from God that answer those questions we don’t know how to ask but lead us to the next step.


Anyhow, I thought “Stay in your lane” meant don’t step into a place or situation you’re not familiar with. How encouraging when experiencing a transition? (In my Eeyore voice.) However, I also know that God doesn’t place limitations on us. The limitations of our body and mind do not hinder our soul. So, what exactly was the message?

In time, I realized “Stay in your lane” was more expansive than I thought. What it tells me is to create my path. My lane.

If I understood the power of creating my lane years ago, I would not have tried so hard to fit the mold of others. I would not have held back on my ideas.

My lane is my brand. My lane is my health and wellness services that combine fitness with spirituality. It’s my book that helps us grow in our thinking process. It’s helping us women change the story that we tell ourselves. My lane is unrestricted and allows me to dive into the child-like creativity that sits behind these eyes.

Stay in your lane is not limiting. It’s a message that we are to stay in tune with who we are and to live from that place of greatness.

Create your piece of art. Write your book. Put on those shoes and step into the unfamiliar. Life is an empty field with countless opportunities.




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