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Commitment or Conviction

Recently I was on a webinar where Lisa Nichols stated, “Your commitment is not your conviction.” She stated conviction is what exists when commitment runs out.

Here was something I needed to give some additional thought. It has to make sense. In the end, it did. But first, I had to apply it to something I could relate to.

Example: You exercise or eat well enough to restore balance or lower your blood pressure to a safe level. Once that’s done, you return to the behaviors that got you there. It’s like the ex who says all the right stuff to get you back only to return to their old ways once it all seems good.

She stated, your convenience and your conviction don’t live on the same block.

Translation: Convenience is taking a route that doesn’t demand too much time, energy, and planning.

An example includes going to the corner store (my city folk can relate) to get a can of fruit rather than driving to the market for fresh fruit. It’s like driving to the market for “fresh fruit” instead of growing your own.

She put the icing on the cake with, “On the other side of easy is where conviction sets in.”

Our mental, physical and spiritual health is not about convenience. It’s not about easy nor is it about being hard. However, it is about conviction. On this journey, you must do the work internally (get back to your roots) before you begin to transform outwardly.

Be well.

When you’re ready, I’m here!

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