Yes. You too can meditate.

You can meditate.

We see the guru sitting with legs crossed and eyes closed, and assume that’s what mediation is. At the end of a yoga class, we lie on the floor without moving for the final shavasana and think that’s what meditation should feel like. Truth is, meditation is becoming meditative. 

You can become meditative. 

Question. What takes you to the zone? 

Is it painting? 

Is it reading? 

Is it sleeping?

Now, imagine being in that same state without moving. Giving your body permission to enter the zone without feeling you have to do or be something. Allowing time to exist without being tied to the hours, minutes, or seconds.

Yes. You can become meditative. Here are small steps to getting started.

At work…

Silence the phone for two-five minutes, close your computer screen, or install a background (or screensaver) with an image that calms your mind. Those images can be of a lush green space or seascape. Find something that works for you. 

Finally, gaze at that image. You may start by wondering where and when the pic was taken, but then release those thoughts and simply allow the image to be what it is. Complete. Just as you are. 

At home…

Find a quiet place for at least two-five minutes. If you have young children, is there anything safe that they can do during that time? If you have an infant or a baby, sometimes their sleep time is yours. That’s the best time. 

Find a comfortable position lying down or sitting upright with legs crossed or feet planted. Palms up or on your thigh. 

Focus on an image or simply rest your eyes and breathe. In for four counts, hold for four counts, and exhale for four counts. Then, release the idea of counting. 

Simply exist in stillness, releasing what ails the body, what has to get done, and what you may look like if someone walked in. Let the moment live, and life exist on its own without you having to do a thing!

Being meditative takes time. While certain poses may hold deeper meanings, you can create your own unique practice, at your pace, for a length of time that works for you. Once you get started, you may find more time to dedicate to your practice. Remember, this is about what works for you.

If you got your workout in today, FUNUW! I hope you Found-U-N-Ur Workout. 



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