Have you visited the zone?

Have you ever watched a dancer’s steps as they tapped the floor like a paint brush on a canvas? Were you ever in the studio when a singer practiced a new song? Did you arrive at a show early and listened as musicians tried to identify the right cord? Were you in total awe as you watched the final production from all the practicing and preparing?

Is this the place they call, “the zone?” I define the zone as a place where people are so engrossed in the creative process that the rest of the world disappears.

I always wondered how it felt to grow up loving something and to later grow into becoming that thing. I always wondered, “What are the steps one needs to take to do what they love so that they live in the zone? How can we all live in the zone and lose all sense of time as if playing with our favorite toy as a child? Then, it came to me. The zone is not a place of total bliss. However, you get to love, hurt, laugh, and soar in that one place. 

The zone is where you own that space because that space exists only for you.

The zone isn’t a privilege. It comes with the package of being human. 

You may have missed your chance to be a dancer, an amazing singer or well-known musician. Yet, the zone is not lost. Surrender yourself and all that you do to the present. Like that (imagine me snapping my fingers), you are in the zone!



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