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It Begins with Why

You have probably heard of them but do you know the ‘why’ behind them?

Being specific is more than being descriptive. Make the big goal and then create smaller goals that feed directly into the bigger goal. For instance, I want to maintain healthy blood pressure without adding to my current list of medications, by walking, running, and swimming (big goal).
I will walk for 30 minutes Monday – Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. (A smaller goal that feeds into the bigger goal.)

What will prove that you are making progress? This is where you can track. If you don’t like tracking, ask yourself, “How will I measure my progress?” Then, evaluate when necessary.
Maybe you decide to track your mood, body composition, energy levels, tests, etc. as clear indicators of your progress.

Make sure you can accomplish this in a reasonable time frame.
Congratulations on being multi-talented but this isn’t something you can accomplish in one week. Show yourself some grace when constructing a time frame.

Realistic (I prefer this over relevant.)
Your goals should align with YOUR values and long-term objectives.
If a quick fix doesn’t align with your values then a diet pill is not the answer. Also, identify any hurdles including family and friends who are not supportive of your goals.

Set a realistic and ambitious end date so you can prioritize and celebrate those wins! Someday is not a real day.

Setting the intention is not enough. You need a strategy. Even with my workouts, I strategize. What am I training for? What areas are feeling a little tight? Mental health is the greatest factor.

How does wellness feel to you?
What does “good health” look and feel like in your body?
A need to take medication shouldn’t be frowned upon. However, not relying so heavily on it can be a motivator.

There’s so much more than time in the way of our goals. SMART goals not only keep you on track. They also keep you honest and accountable to you.

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