Have you felt the need to pay for one more class?

Have you felt the need to pay for one more class?

Recently I cleaned out my LinkedIn offers and found a Ginormous number of invites from people who claim to help me launch my coaching business. At this point in my life, I am done with paying someone whose business is telling others how to start a business.

What course are you on 1 or 100?

Don’t ever stop learning. I am suggesting you go in consciously. What stops us from starting the business, writing the book, or posting the ad isn’t only about the “how to.” Almost everyone knows about Google University. So what is it? What’s holding you back? What has held me back?

Imposter syndrome? Possible? But, let’s dig a little deeper.

Why have I suffered from imposter syndrome? Many of the courses I have taken motivate me in the now. I walk away feeling energized. Then I would get on the phone with a friend, talk to my partner, start on dinner and my fire would get extinguished. The drive and the determination… died! 

That’s what these programs don’t share or share only as an antidote so that in the end they blame your failures on you. Truth is it does begin and end with you. If you are noticing a constant contradiction between your vision, your drive and your ensuing action, the answer isn’t another “how-to” course.

Aha Moment # 1 

The real question is, “Why? Why am I holding myself back? Why am I not moving forward with my goals? Why do I get distracted every time I get ready to write this book?” When I began to ask these questions, it was time to start searching for my next teacher. For you, this is someone or something who can help you uncover your why and take that next step. I chose a counselor, a coach, a trainer, and a mentor. I also took long runs and meditated. I tapped into me. I dealt with lots of old stuff.

Aha Moment # 2 

I consulted my doctor and learned that it was hormonal. Without understanding the underlying problem, it was out of my hands most times! After learning this I made it my mission to discover when I could focus and when I naturally tune out. I also learned the 9-5 schedule wasn’t for me.

Aha Moment # 3 

I decided to organize my life in the best way for me. That meant a pink organization set. It meant a notebook, ASANA, and countless emails to myself with “To Do” in the subject line. Then, I used one method to combine all of these tasks and reminders into projects and used my High-Performance Planner to organize my day.

My goal? Stop spending money on courses when I’m not ready to execute. This might sound like a contradiction since I believe learning should never end. Yet, if you’re stuck, take a moment to figure out why you’re stuck in the first place. Don’t just face it. Dive in. Dive in and heal it. Once the scab heals, the vision becomes clearer and the path will open wide. 

You can set 100’s of to dos with deadlines yet, if you can’t stick to the race how can you ever make it to the finish line. 

Ready to launch or relaunch but you’re feeling stuck? Dive in and uncover what’s holding you back.

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