Trainers (African American women in particular) have you experienced the race side of fitness?

Racism and sexism run rampant all over, including fitness. This is the one industry where it can be an ALL white or non-black cycle team and they will play hip hop music with the word “Nigga” throughout the entire mix.

Truth is, it’s no better when my songs contain these words; even though growing up in the Bronx I lived hip hop. It bothers me to hear a male instructor (regardless of race) play songs with “ho” and “bitch”. So often in hip hop, those words are used to describe African American sisters.

Let’s not forget what black members of these fitness clubs would say before the Black Lives Matter movement escalated. I heard comments like, “I wish they had more black instructors but glad I got my ride on.”

There’s so much to say about this. Bottom line, I’m grateful the sea has parted, the truth is surfacing and we are paying attention.

Friends always tease me about how many jobs and gyms I have worked at. I never share what they don’t see. The number of HR complaints I submitted as a woman of color who could not settle for being treated as less than through discriminatory practices and lame ass borderline racist jokes.

By the way, if we will look at management, we also have to consider the members. At the elite gyms I have worked for, white people and non-blacks are the majority. If they want you out, they only need two or more people who threaten to cancel their memberships. The word gets out and your class is a bust! TRUST ME… I received the talk a few times.

With all that… we don’t give up. We be the true bad ass we were meant to be. You may have messed with the past, but God has the final say for the future. Thanks Q Girls for using your voice.



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