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Have you stepped away and stepped into you?

(Wow! This is throwback from a 2019 piece. It’s now 2021. The pandemic has knocked us out of our bubble and guess what? We’re relying on our mobile devices more than ever! How ironic?)

According to eMarketer, 2019 is the first time, the average US adult will spend more time engaging with their mobile devices than watching TV.  The average number of full-time working hours for a U.S. adult is 8.5 hours a day/42.5 hours a week. According to the CDC more than a third of Americans are not getting enough sleep.

Step Away

This can be a physical action. By taking (not waiting for permission) 10-15 minutes and listening to a waterfall, enjoying sunshine, talking to someone who makes you laugh, or meditating, etc. you can hit the reset button on your mental state and reach a higher level of consciousness.

Step Into

This means stepping into your body and increasing your level of self awareness. This isn’t just stating the traditional mantra by your favorite author. This process involves tapping into the source that is within you. The source that is you. It’s vibrating from within.

If you’re open to it, life can inundate you with many tasks. Organize your life around your well being. Who’s really forcing your self inflicted ignorance? Are you working towards a goal that will ultimately free you? Examine your what and why. Don’t be afraid to step away and step into in order to return to you. Make the new normal, your version of normal. 

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