In a tight spot.

My least favorite thing. In the middle of a 180 degree burpee, I sprawl then leap and my high rise tights roll down, exposing my post pregnancy belly.

As far as women have come in fitness, many brands have yet to meet our needs. However, when it comes to tights I found a few winner.


One of my favorite pants. I only have one pair but, in more than one class, these pants have withstood the burpee test.

LifeSky Yoga 

Another pair that I love are my LifeSky Yoga pants. I purchased them on Amazon. I love the high waist tummy control leggings with four way stretch. They do not roll down my belly and they only cost $20. I drove wearing these for over two hours to teach a class. They withstood an entire booty workout without rolling down or showing sweat stains. In my book that’s a winner!


Most favorite leggings are my Nike pants. Even if it’s my Nike dressy spandex with the glitter, I can rock them to teach a full class, play ball or run around town. Shout out to Nike for versatility.

When choosing workout gear, I choose based on my activity level and not necessarily type of activity (unless it’s running shoes). When I workout, I would much rather wear something that provides comfortable movement over rigid efficiency. To me, it’s just not worth it.

If you know of any workout leggings by black designers, give me a shout. I would love to feature them!

I hope you got your workout in today. If so, FUNUW. I hope you Found-U-N-Ur-Workout!!!



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