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You are the dreamer.

“Look, people will give you permission to quit any chance they get, and they’ll even give you sympathy while they do it so it comes across as positive. But that’s not the moment when you need to be comforted. All that comfort they’re showing you is really just them expressing their relief that you’ve kept the bar low enough for them to justify not trying hard enough.”

Grant Cardone

When I first read this I thought, “herd mentality!” But no. Wait. That’s negativity bias he’s describing. But then there’s…

You know what this is, this is you sharing your gifts with people who do not know how to appreciate them or understand how precious your dreams (and theirs) are so they project their fears onto you by not encouraging you to be patient. By not showing you that it takes time. They do not understand or want you to know that when you are pregnant with possibilities it takes time before you can birth your ideas into existence. They wait (sometimes unconsciously) for you to make a mistake to confirm their fears of unworthiness then give you comfort food so that you remain settled but never truly comfortable.

The truth is, however, your giving up or giving in is not about them. It’s about you. It’s about believing in yourself enough to weather the storm, the no’s, the loneliness, the long nights, etc. to feel what you need to feel, fall when you need to fall, and rise. 

While I agree with making sure you are in good company to walk in alignment with your purpose, I also hope you grow faithful and disciplined enough so regardless of what anyone says, you remain steadfast in the direction of your dreams. 

Be patient. Stay focused. If you fall, get up. 

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